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SPIN remote and Sonos speakers: a perfect match.

SPIN remote with app and Sonos PLAY:5

SPIN remote, the SPIN remote app and a Sonos PLAY:5 speaker. All working together perfectly.

The SPIN remote SDC-1 works seamlessly with Sonos speakers.The SPIN remote SDC-1 has been preconfigured to work with all Sonos speakers, including the Sonos PLAY:1, Sonos PLAY:3 and Sonos PLAY:5. The Sonos PLAYBAR is compatible with SPIN remote as well. This means you only need one SPIN remote to control all you Sonos speakers. Oh, and SPIN remote works great with Philips Hue, TVs, Infrared devices and much more, too.

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Controlling Sonos with SPIN remote

 Use gestures to control Sonos speakers. For example, rotate sideways to change the volume.

SPIN remote has multiple gestures and touchpad commands which are preconfigured to work with Sonos and which can be adjusted to your preferences.

The following gestures and commands are available for Sonos devices:

SPIN gesture


Rotate normally 

Change volume, next/previous track

Rotate sideways

Change volume

Rotate upside down

Change volume

Swipe up-down or Swipe left-right

Next/previous track


Change volume, play and/or pause, stop, mute/unmute


What do others say about SPIN remote?

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Set up SPIN remote with Sonos Speakers Video

Setting up SPIN remote with Sonos speakers is very easy, as is shown by product specialist Arjan. Within 2 minutes he shows and explains how to connect SPIN remote to your Sonos speakers. For a longer, more detailed description please look further down this page.

Product specialist Arjan demonstrates the use of SPIN remote with Sonos speakers.

 Set up SPIN remote with Sonos - Step by step

Important: SPIN connects with Sonos through Wifi and Bluetooth. Your smartphone with SPIN app must be connected to the same wifi network as your Sonos devices and your smartphone must be connected to SPIN remote with a Bluetooth connection.

1. Open the app and connect to your SPIN remote.

Open the SPIN remote app

In this example there are no profiles yet.

2. Select or make a profile you want to assign a Sonos command to

Create a profile

A new profile called 'Sonos' is created.

3. Select a gesture, for example 'rotate sideways'

Select a gesture

In this case 'rotate sideways' was selected

4. Select a function, for example 'volume'

Selecting a function

In this case 'volume' is the only function available for Sonos.

5. Select device, in this case ‘Sonos’

Select Sonos

6. Select a speaker or group of speakers to assign to this gesture and function

Selecting a device

In this case only one speaker (Sonos PLAY:1) was selected. It's also possible to pick multiple speakers, see the FAQ

7. You’re ready!
Setup complete

A green notification will confirm a succesful setup with Sonos.

You're now ready to use SPIN remote to control Sonos speakers. Please note that this note is a one-time procedure. From now on the SPIN app will run in the background and connect automatically to your SPIN remote. As it uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), there's no need to worry about power consumption. 


Which Sonos devices are supported by SPIN remote?
Currently SPIN remote is preconfigured to work with all Sonos speakers. This means it works with the Sonos PLAY:1, Sonos PLAY:3, Sonos PLAY:5, Sonos SUB and Sonos PLAYBAR.

What if I have multiple Sonos speakers?

You only need one SPIN remote to control all of your Sonos speakers. You can assign gestures and touchpad controls to one Sonos speaker/room or room with multiple Sonos speakers. This way you can assign a command to a single Sonos speaker/room and another command to another room with multiple Sonos speakers. It’s also possible to create different profiles for different Sonos speakers/rooms. For example: turning sideways in one profile can change the volume of one Sonos speaker/room, in another profile the same command can control the volume of another room or group of Sonos speakers.

How do I control a Sonos speaker group?

When assigning a SPIN remote command to Sonos rooms, you have different options to assign it to a group:

  • If there’s an existing room of Sonos speakers, it will show as a room in the SPIN remote app as well (for example “Kitchen +2”)
  • If there only single Sonos speakers (or rooms with only one Sonos speaker), you can assign a group ("room") in the SPIN remote app by selecting multiple single speakers/rooms.Note: this only means the speakers are considered a group ("room") in the SPIN remote app, this will not create a group ("room") in the Sonos app.

I can’t connect to a Sonos speaker or room.
Normally the app will connect in the background automatically. If this is not the case, please make sure both your phone and your Sonos speakers are connected to the same WiFi network. Please make sure Bluetooth on your phone is enabled and that the SPIN remote is in contact with the SPIN remote SDC-1. If there no Bluetooth connection between SPIN remote and your smart phone, SPIN remote will blink red. 

    Having issues with SPIN remote and Sonos? Please contact SPIN support via support@spinremote.com or use our chat function.


    SPIN remote, a stylish companion to your Sonos speakers

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