One remote for All your Devices

One remote for All your Devices

Free of all those buttons you never use.

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Steer Smart & non-smart Devices

Steer Smart & non-smart Devices

Preconfigured for Sonos, Philips Hue and more.

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Motion, Rotation & Touch Control

Motion, Rotation & Touch Control

Customisable functions and profiles. Easy setup via the SPIN App.

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Tested by the Experts

SPIN remote was voted Best Product 2016-2017 and is tested by many Experts across the Globe.

"Stylish, Innovative, Simple, Intuitive, Compatible and Unique. Those are the words used by the manufacturer, and they are spot on."
"It controls smart and non-smart devices, removes additional remote controls and provides a whole new, playful approach to control. In addition, the chic, puristic design is not only visually an eye-catcher, but also arouses the curiosity of the haptic experience."
"This is a video of me setting up and demo’ing a Spin Remote, universal remote, you’ll be surprised but it does way more than just control a TV! It controls lights, central heating, music systems, my new Sky Q box and much much more! What a fantastic gadget, one day this will be a top seller without a doubt…"
"Spin remote absolutely deserves praise for their effort to simplify operation. They succeed there as well, and after a typical learning period the remote is perfectly usable."
"Finally, an end to the remote control chaos! A single, purist-designed remote control without buttons will soon turn the many unsightly button-monsters in our living room obsolete."

In 60 Seconds We'll Explain Everything

Watch CNNTech explain how SPIN remote SDC-1 seamlessly controls your TV, Stereo, Apple TV and Smart Devices like Philips Hue and Sonos.

Time for a Change

We strongly believe that technology should make our lives easier, not over-complicate them. It is time for a change. It is time to bring simplicity back into our lives and make our homes really smarter.

We are here to start a revolution in the remote control business by setting the new standard with SPIN remote. No buttons, but seamless motion, rotation & touch gesture control.

Time for a Change

Easy setup Guaranteed

SPIN remote comes with a Free App for iOS and Android and is extremely simple to setup.

It can learn commands from Infrared remotes you already have and control both existing Infrared equipment and the latest smart devices.

Easy setup Guaranteed

Eliminating Complexity

One simple solution to be in control of your devices, regardless of the technologies behind them.

SPIN remote SDC-1
  • All-in-1

    All-in-1 remote control for all popular infrared devices.
  • Smart home

    Central smart home device controller.
  • Seamless

    Seamless motion, rotation and touch gesture control.
  • Connected

    360° infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (via smartphone) connectivity.

Gesture Control

20 simple gestures, 7 profiles and 140 commands. Fully customisable to your specific needs.
Rotate Normal
Change channels on your TV or set-top box. Switch tracks on your Sonos.
Rotate Sideways
Set the volume on your AV-receiver, stereo or smart speakers.
Rotate Upside Down
Change color or brightness of your Philips Hue or LIFX smart lights.
Smart Touchpad
Navigate your Apple TV or browse your TV Guide. Swipe to turn on your TV.