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After the incredible success of the SPIN remote SDC-1, we are here to raise the bar once more. SPIN voice will soon launch on Kickstarter (early 2017), bringing the revolutionary concepts and Award-winning experience of SPIN remote to the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Tap.

Learning commands

On Kickstarter soon

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We are on a mission

Our aim and mission is to reduce a growing complexity in people's lives, advocating for smart and simple solutions. We do this by creating simple solutions for complex problems: we want to bring back simplicity to the world around you, by bringing together what you really use while stripping away everything you don't really need.

Featured on

Featured on

"SPIN enables ultimate comfort on your couch" - Newsweek

"SPIN remote is a lean, green, button-fightin' machine. Meet the last remote you'll ever need" - Atmel

"It's a fascinating concept, not least due to how it simplifies the sometimes complex remote control." - Gadget Review

"Simple enough, and sporting a clean design free of all those buttons you never use, this might be a hit for your home." - Daily Crowdfunder

Our journey

Our journey

SPIN remote was founded in November 2014 in Geldermalsen, a central location in the
Netherlands. Mainly because of its central location, this small town with 30,000 inhabitants was the perfect setting for the SPIN remote co-founders and their disruptive mindset.

Today, their headquarters are seen as the innovative spearhead in the area, together with Ultimaker, another start-up in the 3D printer production sector.