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Welcome, valued SPIN supporter! We would like to invite you to join our exclusive Ambassador program, where you can turn your Tweets, Facebook Posts, Blog Posts & Reviews into Cash.

All it takes is 3 easy steps.

Become an Ambassador Spread Simplicity Get Paid

1. Become an Ambassador

2. Spread Simplicity

3. Get Paid

Here at SPIN remote we reward your support, by giving you the opportunity to join our Ambassador (referral) program.

This means, every time you refer a customer who makes a successful purchase, we will give you €25 for your efforts.

Once you sign up you will get a custom ambassador link that you can share, earning commissions immediately.

You will have access to customized ambassador Tweets, Facebook Posts and Banners with live progress monitoring as your ambassador commission rolls in.

One month after every successful purchase, you will get paid €25 for your efforts via PayPal.

It's just that simple.

Join today. It's totally Free.

Signing Up

Joining the Ambassador program is extremely easy. Simply visit the Ambassador Website, enter your name and email and you're in. You can set your password from within the Dashboard.

Signing Up

Ambassador Dashboard

Once you sign in, you will enter your Ambassador Dashboard. Here you will find everything you need to to turn your social capital into financial capital.

Each ambassador has a unique "tell a friend" link, allowing us to track your progress. When you send out your electronic recommendations, always ensure your unique link is included in your correspondence as it will let us know that it comes from you.

We created some handy shortcuts in English as well as Dutch which you can share via your favorite social media networks, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email and more. Your unique link will be automatically included when you use one of the share buttons.

Ambassador Dashboard

Marketing Materials

Under Marketing Materials you will find customized ambassador Tweets, Facebook Posts, LinkedIn Posts and Emails in multiple languages, as well as Banners in the best performing ad sizes.

If you own a website or Blog, you can simply copy the Banner HTML code from your Ambassador Dashboard and paste it into your own website. Your unique ambassador link will automatically be included.

Ambassador Marketing Materials