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Why SPIN remote is the most sensible device for every smart home

Striking the balance between sleek design, intelligent processing and efficiency is the Everest for most engineers. However, Philips Hue bulb has managed to design a product that can light up homes in the most remarkable ways. Buyers of the Hue bulb know good quality and a good investment when they see it. That’s why purchasing a SPIN remote to operate your Hue bulb is the most sensible purchase you will ever make.

Most smart appliances require an app that can be remotely managed from a mobile device. You have to install the app and every interaction with the appliance requires the user to operate the appliance via the app. The SPIN remote is different. Once you paired your bulbs to the remote, you never again have to use your mobile phone to operate your Hue bulb. Just lift....and rotate.

Instead of looking at a colour dial on your mobile app to determine the ambience you want to create, the SPIN remote, by using its rotation gesture, seamlessly navigates through the colour spectrum. Allowing you to personally select the most enigmatic colours and create spectacular moments.

The SPIN remote not only allows you to choose the perfect colour, it also allows you to select the brightness of your colour selection, personalizing all your colour experiences. This elegant device is gesture controlled, that does not use any buttons or require daily charging. There is a reason this nifty little gadget has snapped up multiple innovation awards. It is aesthetically and artistically different from any remote you have ever known. What do you get when you combine simplicity, beauty and award winning technology?....SPIN remote. Bringing control to a colourful existence.